McLaughlin's Alley band

What we play:

Crazy good pop rock music (plus Irish favorites) with 3-part harmonies. We do crowd-pleasin' covers along with our own original songs.

Where we play:

Bars and pubs, festivals and fundraisers, corporate & special Events - we've even played at Mensa Convention! We've performed at venues all over southeastern Michigan and this year, we're going to add road trips to the mix.

How do you get us to play for you?

Just call Tina Paraventi: 734-218-1306 or email her at

Who's in the band?

McLaughlin's Alley
From left:

Maureen (Mo) Paraventi - singer/songwriter/flute. Mo has sung with bands and in stage shows. She's active in local theatre and is also a writer.

Rebekah Poxson - singer/songwriter/ukelele. Rebekah originally hails from Jackson, MI. She graduated from Albion College, where she sang in a co-ed Acapella group called Euphonics. Singing is her passion. Whether it's leading worship at church or singing with a small group of friends, it's what she loves to do.

Tina Paraventi - singer/songwriter/12 string guitar has performed as a solo artist and a band member in clubs throughout Michigan -- and a few other states as well! Tina is also an accomplished actor and director, with both dramatic and musical comedy roles on her resume.

Stuart Tucker, one of Detroit's most versatile drummers, is happy playing jazz, Americana, folk, rock and "stone country."

Norm Andresen - singer/songwriter/bass, Norm brings 25 years of bass-playing experience to McLaughlin's Alley. When he's not performing, he gives bass lessons to students throughout metro Detroit. Learn more at:

What is our original music like?

McLaughlin's Alley songs reference 60s, 70s and 80s pop music, rich in melody and emotion -- but with a very modern vibe. From the rockin' Fade Away to the soul-searching, folk-flavored Blackberry Wine, the uptempo When I Can't Sleep to the saucy Little by Little, the McLaughlins' songs are accessible, resonant and fun.

But don't take our word for it.

Listen to some of
our original songs:

(Recorded under former band name, The McLaughlins.)